Thursday, August 25, 2011


I admit that in preparing to write this, I am faced with a personal dilemma. On one hand I want to relate my Lazlo Steigenberger experience, and on the other hand I want to let you experience it for yourself. So, here is what I am going to do…
I will tell you firstly, that the Lazlo Steigenberger Project of which I was granted attendance (more on that later) was held at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery’s Planetarium at Inveresk. As I referred back to my handy-sized Junction Event Guide, I noticed that the pages featuring details on this, er, lecture, had dog-ear corners folded noticeably larger than the rest. In my rudimentary approach to prioritising events at JAF, this basically meant that it was something that I would make every effort to get to. The reason for this was naively, and perhaps ashamedly, because I hadn’t heard of Lazlo Steigenberger.

I will tell you secondly, that I have now.
Thirdly, I will mention that Lazlo surveyed me entering the Planetarium and said, in a way that only he can, it was okay for me to sit down. I smiled quirkily and found my place. What more can you expect from a man that describes in a round-about-sort-of way the jump from the primordial swamp into trousers, while flicking through notes from the government by the light of a ridiculously bright headlamp?

How can I put this? Timers, Space clocks, K.P.H, government correspondence, carefully inserted rock tunes, full use of the Planetarium’s projection hardware, and, well, the delectable insight of Lazlo Steigenberger.
Oh, I almost forgot! The moon. There it goes!

As the JAF Event Guide states, here is your opportunity to experience the universe like you’ve never before. And yes, shoes are compulsory.

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