Saturday, March 9, 2013


by Kylie Eastley

As We Forgive is a play written by award winning playwright Tom Holloway specifically for Hobart based actor, Robert Jarman. Last night was the opening and Jarman played to a packed house including the usual VIP's who showed their appreciation with a hearty encore.

As We Forgive consists of 3 monologues; each a narrative that discusses three important elements to the human psyche. The first is vengeance. Jarman appears on stage as an elderly man dressed in a tweed jacket with cane in hand. He slumps into an old arm chair and welcomes the audience, thanking them for coming out on this 'auspicious evening'.

He tells the story of a man living an ordinary life within a very small world; his home, the local shop, a nearby park. The story unfolds and we hear how this world is shattered by the actions of another and the impact this has on him. Rather than hide away in fear he instead opts for vengeance as a way forward.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ten Days on the Island 2013

We have a small team of writers covering some of the events and performances that make up this year's Ten Days on the Island. Thanks to Tasmania Times for linking to our site and of course to Ten Days on the Island for providing tickets for our writers. Check out what we think here...coming soon!