Sunday, May 10, 2009

Evolution: Patricia Piccinini

As adults even with our full range of life experiences, education and understanding it is refreshing to experience an exhibition that takes our breath away and makes us feel something. Having already seen this incredible depiction of evolution gone mad, I decided to take my ten year old daughter to view Piccinini's creations. Her passion is for the natural world, so I thought it would be interesting to gauge her reaction to these beings.

I was not disappointed. Finding myself watching her more than the works, she instantly recoiled from the work, but then softened and explored, looking at every detail.

She asked when viewing the small child surrounded by Tasmanian devils...'is she real. Is she?' her pleading eyes almost wanted me to say yes, as it was so incredible to accept that these peaceful souls before us were synthetic. Made by man not nature.

The next day it made for great school yard conversation.