Tuesday, November 27, 2012

JESSE EYNON - MIDLANDS History & The senses

A Preview of Paintings
Oatlands Gaol
27 October – 1 November 2012

By Lucy Wilson

Jesse Eynon chose to paint the Tasmanian Midlands for the light, its theatrical light. From her Cygnet studio she liberated herself by packing just what she needed to embark on a six-week Tas Regional Arts residency based in Oatlands. Having surrendered to the demands of mothering three children, the youngest now being six, she left her family behind to devote herself purely to painting.

It takes Jesse a long time to find a fragment in the world she wants to paint. She always knows when she finds it. It speaks to her gut instinct. The fragments she found were stretches of road, moments in cloudscapes, archetypal images like a man walking with dog, and old town buildings. The images she exhibited in Oatlands speak of a powerful meeting between her paintbrush and the fragments she found – almost as if they’d been waiting to be painted by her.