- We will be holding a WR workshop in Launceston in June to recruit new writers and spark interest
- We have writers going to a few of the DARK MOFO events
- The Theatre Royal has committed $1 000 worth of tickets for our reviewers to see and write about shows
- Stephenie Cahalan has just returned from checking out the Venice Biennale
- Eight writers will be heading off to Sydney in August to write about the Sydney Biennale. The team have been part funded through the Regional Art Fund.
- Visual Arts Workshop: 7 writers met at Somercote Cherry Farm on the Southern side of Ross, Tasmania, to talk about reviewing visual arts. Consultant, Jane Deeth joined the group to provide her thoughts on contemporary art.
Well Junction Arts Festival 2011 is about to happen again and we have a couple of writers and editors heading to Launceston to cover the plethora of exhibitions and experiences.