Saturday, April 14, 2012

Art But Why at Space Invaders

A slightly divergent post this. To explain - Write Response was requested to contribute reflections on the developing work of three artists featured at the Space Invaders evening, which riddled the Salamanca Arts Centre as part of their 35th birthday celebrations.
Two artists had work on hand; the third was unable to attend, but the ideas in his work were explained to us beforehand. We were asked to provide creative responses, as opposed to traditional reviews. Two of these follow below.
This makes it a longer post than usual, but one that may frisk different pockets of your thinking.
Space Invaders
by Gai Anderson

SAC Birthday party
31st March 2012
Salamanca Arts Centre Hobart
A birthday party with a twist as the body of the charismatic host, (the historical buildings of SAC) was invaded, exposed, installed, interrogated, animated and endlessly celebrated by a collection of anarchic and bizarre installations, performances and exhibitions.
A giant game of snakes and ladders as party goers swarmed up and down stairs, through back rooms and attics, kitchens and bathrooms, workshops and trapdoors, queing in the semi- darkness with strangers who soon became friends in expectation of the chance to partake of the bizarre and wonder-filled cup cakes of art offered up for consumption.

The fabulously well-rehearsed, the seemingly spontaneous and the work still in- development all mixed together …