Thursday, August 5, 2010


Monkey Baa in Association with Siren Theatre Co.
Theatre Royal , Hobart 5-7 August
Earl Arts Centre, Launceston 10-12 August
by Kylie Elizabeth Eastley

An intimate audience both young and old gathered at the Theatre Royal to experience FOX, a theatrical work adapted from a picture book by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks. It’s the story of an injured magpie that is rescued by a one-eyed dog, the friendship that transpires and the ‘three’s a crowd’ interloping Fox, who manipulates the situation for his own gain.There was so much about this performance that was effective. The cast of Jane Phegan (Magpie), Jay Gallagher (Fox), David Buckley (Dog) and Sarah Jones (Soprano) portrayed their characters well, and the costumes and stage elements suited the narrative perfectly.