Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Breath of Life

LOCo Productions in association with the Salamanca Theatre Company
Backspace Theatre
Wednesday, August 3-Sunday August 7

By Stephenie Cahalan

In The Breath of Life by David Hare, two women meet to reconcile their feelings over the man they have both loved.

On a set cluttered with books we find professional, willful, aging Madeleine who has retired to the Isle of Wight to make her diminishing years pass more slowly. Frances visits ostensibly to write a memoir about the two women, but this thinly veils her true motivation for seeking out her former husband’s mistress; to learn more about the man she loved and find closure for her own failed relationship. The women circle each other as they settle into reveries around their relationships with the same man, the losses, the regret and bitterness they both harbour.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Art On Legs 2011

Saturday 30 July 2011
By Kylie Eastley

ArtOnLegs began 10 years ago as Fashion Fantasia.   Hobart-based textile artist Rossy Roberts-Thomson wanted to provide textile artists and creative makers with the opportunity to showcase wearable art in Tasmania.
Its focus, as indicated on the website, is clear:

Fashion is taken to its limit into the area where the body is the canvas on which an installation, an idea, an aesthetic creation ….. is exhibited to an audience for their admiration, appreciation, inspiration and possible sale, whilst at the same time giving the maker/designer/creator an opportunity to make an impact as an artist in a legitimate sense. (