Thursday, September 27, 2012

Smouldering Dancing Queens - Caravan Burlesque

by Gai Anderson

Caravan Burlesque
Finucane & Smith,
Theatre Royal , Hobart

Finucane and Smiths Caravan Burlesque is an action packed show, a scintillating, body - beautiful, writhing, all dance-spectacular. Driven relentlessly for the most by a boisterous rock and roll, disco, pop, gogo and even Bollywood soundtrack, its short and sharp, song and character-based routines are fantastically entertaining.
Filled with endless luscious costumes, bordello-red velvet set, seductive lighting and atmospheres you can cut with a knife, it is all, and more, than we have come to expect from the latest reincarnation of carnival burlesque. And that’s without even mentioning the shoes!

Interferon Psalms

by Thomas Connelly

Interferon Psalms – Luke Davies (Allen & Unwin). Wow and I have to say wow! Have just finished Interferon Psalms, and what a roller coaster ride of a read it was. We have been told, since the days of the Seven Sages, not to speak ill of the dead. This rule should be extended to include not speaking ill of the ill. It would take a brave one to search out pedantic flaws in this collection of poems.