Tuesday, August 25, 2015

(One of) My favourite books...

It is tough to say exactly what is my favourite book. But definitely The Bear Went over the Mountain by William Kotzwinkle is teetering on the top.

This is a funny, ridiculous but believable story about a writer who buries his second version of a book in a forest, after a house fire destroys the first original manuscript. As he drives into town to celebrate, a hungry bear sniffs out the suitcase full of pages and upon determining its potential value wanders off towards the city to buy a suit.

This is a story about the superficial world of publishing and the wisdom of a simple but hungry bear.

William Kotzwinkle is a relatively unknown author, even though he was responsible for writing ET and a range of other well known book. I also liked Fata Morgana and Dr Rat; although Dr Rat is pretty confronting in it's depiction of animal testing.
In recent years he has written for children with the infamous...Walter the Farting Dog. 

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