Monday, October 15, 2012

Go West as Artentwine 2012 Begins!

by Patrick Sutczak

After a generous invitation to the opening of the fabulous community celebration of the arts within the West Tamar Valley, I drove confidently along (ahead of time I might add) to my destination. As I crossed the sister bridge to the west, I could see the older and iconic King’s Bridge set against the backdrop of the beautiful Cataract Gorge out of the corner of my eye. This always pleasing scene was gone within a flash and I was on my way into Riverside for the official opening of Artentwine 2012 at the Windsor Community Precinct.

As an invitation-only event, I felt very privileged to attend and in all my navigational wisdom, took the wrong turn-off, not once but twice. Hmmm. Under normal circumstances being a few minutes late wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but I realised I had missed something that would have been great to witness – a flash mob of vocal surprise from the Vox Harmony Choir seamlessly woven in amongst the attending guests (who I am told were shocked when someone they were having a conversation with suddenly burst into song!). Thankfully, I didn’t miss out entirely as by the time I arrived, the choir were in full swing sans their wine-drinking mob cahoots, and had taken centre stage to perform a few more numbers.

With official proceedings consisting of brief, but very proud and supportive words from West Tamar Arts Group’s Julia Clifford, Mayor Barry Esther, Tas Regional Arts’ Paul Jenkins, and then officially being opened by the member for Denison and Minister for Tourism The Honourable Scott Bacon, Artentwine 2012 launched with a sense of dedication, sophistication and the promise of some outstanding contemporary art.

Spread out over almost four weeks, spanning several locations from renowned West Tamar vineyards, to the loved halls that make up the hearts of the smaller townships, to established tourist sites such as the Supply River ruins and Beaconsfield Heritage centre, to commercial galleries and more – it is an amazing feat of funding, support and organisation. With sculpture, exhibitions, performances, food, wine to name but a few things to experience, the endearing West Tamar valley throughout October should provide more than a healthy does of contemporary creative culture. And yes, there is a cherry on top – the Terrapin Puppet Theatre will be performing the family-friendly Boats at Exeter later in the month.

Scott Bacon proclaimed at the beginning of his speech - ‘If every day could start with a glass of wine and personal choir, the world would be a better place’. I, for one, tend to agree. Nice way to begin Artentwine 2012. Very nice indeed.

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