Thursday, February 2, 2012

Forest Festival

Usually when we cover a festival there is a team of us, however small, to bring a varied response to the art and performance we are about to see. But this time it is just me. I've driven up from Hobart and am now sitting on the riverbank at Deloraine. Kids are making the most of the last week of holidays, jumping into what looks like very cold water and the town has grown with an influx of people sporting impressive hair styles and squeezing the final supplies into their slightly (or very) rusty subaru's and VW's.
While the focus for me will be on the arts program, particularly the art trail, the festival provides the perfect vehicle to showcase a collection of Tasmanian artists. Some I have seen before at events such as the Junction Festival, while others will be completely unknown.
The Getz is packed with tent, torches, tarps, new season apples and many layers of clothes to accommodate any climate including my all terrain sandals. (If they can cope with mud pools in Borneo, they can do anything)

And I am thrilled to not only be experiencing a world of art in a beautiful environment, but to be out of mobile range for a few days. Yippee! Not so good for posting, but great for focusing on feasting of music, food and art. Bring it on...More about the art later. Wish me luck!

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