Sunday, March 27, 2011

DBR and DJ Scientific with Emeline Michel

City Hall, Hobart
Ten Days on the island.
Friday March 25th
by Gai Anderson

Virtuosic performance builds to driving crescendo
The combination of virtuoso violinist DBR and DJ Scientific with Haitian vocalist Emeline Michel was an interesting choice for the opening night of the Dance Hall on Friday Night. Not because the somewhat subdued initial atmosphere in the beautifully tarted up City Hall transformed instantly into wild dancing when DBR began to play, but rather because the audience’ focus was drawn instantly to the amazing talent and performance of the artists on stage.

Beginning with a beautiful classically inspired bowed melody backed by lilting sampled piano riffs the music was led right from the start by DBR’s unusual six- stringed violin style. His instrument transformed at once into a beat box, bow hitting the strings like a drum stick, then into a plucked double bass and again to wild electric lead guitar reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix.

Backed by DJ Scientific with hip hop singing, driving drum and base, scratched rythmns and world music snippets the music ranged through jazz, classical and hip hop to wall of sound dance music. Emeline Michel added her earthy and beautiful voice to the mix for a few traditional heart felt songs sung in French with much grace.

By the second half of the program DBRs rapid fire fingers and wired stage presence drove the music into full-blown dance beats and everyone was soon up on their feet (and even onto the stage) cheering and stamping for more as the midnight curfew brought this fantastic evening to an unwanted close.
If this concert sets the standard for the season of Dance Halls across the state then don’t miss the chance when it comes to your town.

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