Tuesday, April 27, 2010


WriteResponse co-founder and blogger, Kylie Eastley is one of two bloggers, the other from North America, who has been selected by the Huffington Post to cover the World Social Enterprise Conference in San Francisco.

Kylie is currently in the US covering the conference and writing about her experience, with excerpts picked up by the Post. It was her work in Social Enterprise with Tasmanian Regional Arts and her writing on a number of blogs including WriteResponse that got her the gig.

'This is a fantastic opportunity to ask the curly questions and explore how other countries are supporting their artists and developing social enterprises. Often the arts are an important part of an enterprise, but there are opportunities that are currently not being explored. We are looking at how to build the strength of these groups and reduce their reliance on external grants. The challenge is to identify if and how social enterprise strategies fit with the arts and cultural activities.'

Kylie will be in San Francisco from April 26 – May 3rd. Her blogs will be available via www.sea-alliance.org and www.huffingtonpost.com


  1. Hi there - just heard you on ABC radio. Sounds like you had an interesting time in SF......your blog needs more followers so I am now following.


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