Monday, January 18, 2010


by Kylie Elizabeth Eastley
Sometimes the best thing is not to question or analyse, but to experience. TIMEART provided the perfect opportunity to do this as the four musicians captured the audience in a 30 minute performance at the Peacock Theatre.
On the darkened stage with only dim spotlights, artists from Germany, France and Norway improvised sounds amidst linear shards of light and scratchings projected onto the players and stage.
Described as the ‘the International Ensemble for Intermedial Improvisation’, the group are part of a larger collection of more than 30 musicians who perform in smaller groups at various festivals and events.
For MOFO audiences TIMEART provided an audio and visual indulgence.
A slide trombone, oboe, guitars combined with an array of other noise makers and electronic effects to create organised chaos.
With eyes closed, it could have been a singing kettle or the sounds of urban life. It was a case of shut your eyes and hear the world.
This was another exhilarating, witty and thoroughly enjoyable moment in a packed program. A great experience.

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